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Kevin Gautama

Kevin Gautama is a systems design and programming engineer with 16 years of expertise in the fields of electrical and electronics and information technology.

He teaches at the Hanoi University of Industry in the period 2003-2011 and he has a certificate of vocational training by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Hanoi University of Industry.

From extensive design experience through numerous engineering projects, the author founded the Enziin Academy.

The Enziin Academy is a startup in the field of educational, it's core goal is to training design engineers in the fields technology related.

The Enziin Academy is headquartered in Stockholm-Sweden with an orientation operating multi-lingual and global.

The author's skills in IT:

  • Implementing the application infrastructure on Amazon's cloud computing platform.
  • Linux server system administration (Sysadmin).
  • Design load balancing and content distribution system.
  • MySQL database administration.
  • C/C++/C# Programming
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails Programming
  • Python and Django Programming
  • The WPF/C# on the .NET Framework Programming
  • The PHP/JAVA Programming
  • Machine Learning and Expert System.
  • Internet of Things.

The author's skills in the fields of electric and electronic:

  • The design of popular CPU / MCU systems.
  • Design FPGA / CPLD system (Xilinx - Altera).
  • Design and programming of DSP systems (Texas Instruments).
  • Embedded ARM system design.
  • Programming RTOS
  • Design and programming electronic power systems.
  • PLC - inverter - sensor - electric control cabinet industrial.
  • Control systems distributed connection with Server.